Stone Creek Bible Church
Wednesday, July 17, 2024
A Christ-centered Fellowship
Adventure Zone 2  
(2nd- 4th graders) 
 Meets during our 9:00 am service in Room 3 
Week of July 14th

Hallelujah! He Has Risen!

Lesson focus: Jesus died to take on our sins; His resurrection completed what God had
intended from the beginning.

Passage: Luke 23:44-24:12

The beautiful thing about Easter is that it is the conclusion of the story that starts at
Christmas. With Advent and Christmas, we celebrate how Jesus was born. But what was He
born for? Ultimately, to take on our sins and die, so that we wouldn’t have to suffer. He did
nothing wrong but was punished for what we did. With His resurrection, He had victory over
sin, Satan and death.

Even though prophets had foretold the Messiah, and Jesus Himself told people what would
happen, the disciples and followers still didn’t quite expect or anticipate what they would find
when they went to the grave. The three women who first encountered the empty tomb were
so excited that they ran to tell the others, who didn’t even believe the story. It is significant
that Peter, who had denied his Lord a few days before, was there to inspect the tomb and
marvel at what had happened.

When they saw the tomb and heard the angels, Mary, Joanna and Mary finally put the pieces
together, and to an extent realized what was going on.

Everything in the scriptures prior to this event was preparation;

Everything after (the rest of the New Testament) happened in order to tell the world about Jesus.

He is the central point of it all. If this is true of God’s word, it should be true in our lives.

 Our faith rests on the resurrection. Easter is about much more than candy and egg
hunting. We don’t need to look for Jesus; He has risen! He’s just as alive in our midst and in
our hearts today as He was on that first Easter morning. Let us rejoice!

Let’s practice sharing
that good news with others!