Stone Creek Bible Church
Friday, June 21, 2024
A Christ-centered Fellowship
Mission Statement:
KidZone exists to come alongside parents in laying down a spiritual foundation that will lead a child into a relationship with God and will emPOWER them to be a follower of Jesus for the rest of their lives.
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Integration of kids with the church body:
For multiple reasons, we want kids integrated into the main congregation.  The church is a family and the kids are part of that family.  The generations mixing gives them an opportunity to be a blessing to one another.  When the kids no longer need separate classes that speak to their age level, we want them to already be comfortable being part of the main congregation.  Therefore, we have a systematic approach to progressively integrating kids into the main services, and trying to involve them in interacting with the rest of the congregation whenever possible.


Progressive Integration:

  • Parents are welcome to bring even their youngest kids into the main service for the first song and communion, before they go to their classes.
  • 5th & 6th graders stay in the main service after communion to worship in song with the whole congregation., before they go to their class.
  • Junior and senior high students are encouraged to attend the entire main service for worship and learning.  We also try to invite teens to events with the adults whenever it’s appropriate.


Regular Interaction:

  • Every Sunday after service we have a fellowship time with snacks and beverages.  Young kids, teens, and adults all mix and interact.  It’s a wonderful family environment.  On any given week, you can find adults enjoying watching kids play on the grass, and you can find young kids interacting with adults they have come to know and love.  It is sweet to watch and be part of.
  • We look for opportunities for the kids to serve alongside adults.