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Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Sermon of the Month

You know, it's actually pretty amazing that we can gather so many people in a church and stay together. We have so many individual tastes and preferences, and we are gathering together to do things that can't possibly please everybody's tastes and preferences. Think about your household, if you have more than one person in it, how many little disagreements (or even big ones) do you have because of different things you each think and like? Well, as the family of God, we gather together as dozens of people. The way we should be able to mediate our preferences and differences, and have peace and unity, is that the Bible should dictate how we behave. Or, we can treat church like a show or concert and each attend the show that meets our tastes, and we will end up only meeting with other people who prefer the same show or band. But would that reflect what a FAMILY is to be like? And does that reflect that we are God's diverse people, who are to come together and have UNITY, not around our tastes, but around our Lord?
Think about heaven, when people from every nation and language who trust Christ are there to worship the Lord together. Can you imagine people dividing out into different rooms, where the music fit their preferences, to worship the Lord? Unthinkable. The amazingness of unity in diversity will be on full display as we all worship the Lord together, because it's about the Lord. Our gatherings now, as the church, are supposed to be a foretaste of what is to come in heaven. How do we get that?
When it comes to worship, it's not supposed to be about our tastes and preferences. It's to be about singing truth to one another and worshipping the Lord. We need to understand this and remind ourselves of these things, so that we treat the church in ways that are pleasing to the Lord (if you care to be pleasing to the Lord). Listen to this sermon to understand or be reminded about a right approach to worshipping God in song, as the Lord's gathered church.
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  Play  Notes Set Yourself Apart Completely to Christ & Worship Him Hebrews 13:10-16