Stone Creek Bible Church
Monday, September 24, 2018
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Sermon of the Month

Be a Witness for Jesus

Everyone who trusts Jesus Christ is called to testify about Him to non-Christians. We have the greatest news ever (the gospel) to share with people. But most of us are afraid. This series should help take away that fear and equip you to share Jesus with people around you. I think you can start to see just by reading the titles of each sermon how this might help deal with your fear and equip you.

This will be up for the months of August and September. So even if you can set aside one time per week to listen, you can get through it.

If you want to be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, sharing Him with others is part of it. But God helps us a lot, if we are willing.
  Action  Title  Reference
  Play  Notes As You Are Going Through Life
Help People Meet and Learn about Jesus
Matthew 28:16-20
  Play  Notes Living Right and Being a Ready Witness 1 Peter 3:13-15
  Play  Notes Prepare with Prayer and Speak God's Story Colossians 4:2-6
  Play  Notes Don't Worry; the Holy Spirit Will Help You Witness John 16:7-9, Matthew 10:17-20
  Play  Notes The Gospel of Jesus Christ Various Scriptures
  Play  Notes Even if the World Hates You, Keep Witnessing John 15:18-20a, 26-27, 16:1-4a
  Play  Notes Caring about the Lost Romans 9:1-3, Matthew 9:35-38