Stone Creek Bible Church
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Sermon of the Month

In the April 23rd sermon we talked about the value of being satisfied, instead of loving money. Often, debt is one of the repercussions of not having lived that value. So I thought this sermon would be a helpful follow up for those wanting to live biblical values with regard to money.
If you welcome debt, whether you have it yet or not, please do yourself the favor of listening to this sermon. Then you can do with the information what you want.
If you want to make some changes and need help, one, Pastor Christian would be very glad to try to help personally. Two, Pastor Christian would strongly recommend reading/listening to the book Total Money Makeover, or taking the further step of attending Financial Peace University which is a class based on Total Money Makeover; these will give you a one step at a time, manageable, plan for getting out of debt, building financial stability, and being generous.
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  Play  Notes Debt Enslaves Us Proverbs 22:7 & others