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Friday, May 25, 2018
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Sermon of the Month

Sin, Reconciliation, & Forgiveness in Human Relationships

We all have relationship problems. That's one of the results of sin. But as Christians, we are supposed to deal with these situations FAR differently than non-Christians do. This series of messages is about how to handle sin, reconciliation, and forgiveness with other Christians. When we hurt one another and see one another sinning, we NEED to handle things the ways God says. These things are not easy, but the results can be far better (if all people participate). We need to trust God in this, and handle things His ways, even if they seem weird to us, or hard, or we don't think it will work. You shouldn't do things with a non-Christian exactly the same, but many of the principles are good for those relationships as well.
  Action  Title  Reference
  Play  Notes Relationship Ethics
Having a higher standard than just "Do not murder"
Matthew 5:21-26
  Play  Notes Winning a Brother from Sin - Part 1 Matthew 18:15
  Play  Notes Winning a Brother from Sin - Steps 2 & 3 Matthew 18:16-17a
  Play  Notes Step 4 - Judgement of the Brother in Sin
and the Authority for Doing the Process
Matthew 18:17b-20
  Play  Notes Forgive Because You Have Been Forgiven Matthew 18:21-35
  Play  Notes Don't Be Judgmental Matthew 7:1-6
  Play  Notes Walk Worthy
Take Off the Old, Put On the New
Ephesians 4:17-32
  Play  Notes Forgiveness and Reconciliation
a re-beginning for relationships
Genesis 50:1-26