Stone Creek Bible Church
Friday, July 10, 2020
A Christ-centered Fellowship

Sermon of the Month

The Church
Relationships & How to Treat One Another

The church is people, God's children through Christ. God wants His children to be together for many purposes. Families are difficult. So we need to learn to and practice having good relationships with one another. These sermons should help with that. These will be posted through the end of July.
  Action  Title
  Play  Notes United with Christ Means United with Christians
  Play  Notes True Family
  Play  Notes Care For God's Children and Go After Them If They Stray
  Play  Notes We Are Responsible for the Children
  Play  Notes Continually Show Love to Your Brothers
 Play  Notes Next Step in Spiritually Maturing: You Should Love Brothers through Actions
  Play  Notes Have a Core Attitude Like Christ's
  Play  Notes Walk Worthy; Take Off the Old, Put On the New
  Play  Notes Right Response to Your Church Leaders
  Play  Notes Pray, Extend Love, Be Hospitable