Stone Creek Bible Church
Wednesday, July 17, 2024
A Christ-centered Fellowship

Local Outreach

Stone Creek has partnered with a ministry that is reaching people for Christ every day, Hope Women's Center.  Because they are reaching people, we are helping to reach people when we help the Center.  We encourage all of our church members to participate in whatever opportunities they can with the Center.
Hope Women's Center is a Christian non-profit that helps women and teens facing difficult life situations.  It offers a safe place for these women where they can get assistance, encouragement, support, and the necessary tools to make positive changes for their future.  They are showing compassion and reaching people for Christ.  We can participate in those things by coming alongside them.  To learn more about the Center, you can watch this video, or visit their website.

Here are some opportunities to serve:


All-church Events

Periodically there are projects the Center can use a lot of people to help with.  When that happens, we as a church want to try to respond with as many people as they need.  We will promote these events to the congregation and want as many people as possible to go.  In the past we have helped with deconstruction/construction on their building and helping them move a lot of stuff around their facility.  Please plan now to participate when we promote these.

Donations of Items

The Center allows women to earn credits by taking classes, and they can use those credits to buy stuff in the boutique.  They always need items for the boutique.  Please inquire as to what is presently needed, but it usually includes items like baby shampoo, baby wipes, toiletries for women, liquid dish soap, household paper items.  Also, you can donate office supplies to the Center, like copy paper and paper clips. 

Mentoring or Administration

You may not jump right into this, but after you have had some experience with the Center, you may want to get involved with a regular commitment, like mentoring, teaching, administration, errand running, etc.

Helping through your Amazon orders

When you shop Amazon, 0.5% of your eligible orders can go to Hope Women's Center.  That amount is NOT added to the cost of your order; rather, it is a donation that Amazon makes based on your orders.  All you have to do is register Hope Womens Center Inc, Phoenix AZ, as your selected charity on; then, each time you make an Amazon order, be sure to make it from the website (instead of just  Every time you make a purchase this way, Amazon will accumulate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to donate to the Hope Women's Center.  Be careful when you register your charity, because there are two that are very similar; the one you want is Hope Womens Center Inc, Phoenix AZ (no apostrophe before the s, you want the Inc, and it is of Phoenix AZ).

Receive a credit on your state taxes for a donation  

Arizona law allows a tax credit (an amount of money that taxpayers are permitted to subtract, dollar for dollar, from the income taxes that they owe) for contributions made to qualifying charities, of which Hope Women's Center is one.  You may donate through April 15, and deduct it on your previous years taxes.  To donate or find out more, go to
If you want more information on any of these opportunities, send an email to