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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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How we think about support

We see in the scriptures that in the early church missionaries had relationship with the people who supported them.  The missionaries would report to them, and the members of the church would rejoice with them (see Acts 14:27, 15:3, 21:19-20).  And there were even feelings between the missionaries and their supporters because of their participating together in the gospel (see Philippians 1:3-7).  Because of that, at Stone Creek we have decided to do missionary support in a way that fosters those things.  We have partner missionaries, whom we try to visit on church mission trips, and encourage their regular reporting to us as a congregation.  But we encourage individual contact and care between missionaries and individuals in our church.  We do that in part be having financial support be done individually.  People decide who they want to support and how much they want to give, as apposed to corporate giving.  We have found this to foster more relationship, care, involvement, and joy between missionaries and their supporters.  So we encourage you to pray and consider supporting one or more of our partners in reaching the world with the good news of Jesus Christ and the truth of the Bible.

Our partners in reaching the world

Local Missionary:  Walter Marvin
Most of Uganda is small villages, so that is where most of the churches are.  Those village pastors have little or no access to training.  They also don't have means to travel very far.  So we are bringing Bible training to them.  Sound Doctrine Ministry Training Academy is doing that.  Please pray for the Academy and Walter, and consider if God might have you help with financial support.      
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Support is sent through Stone Creek Bible Church.  Write checks to Stone Creek Bible Church, put in the memo: Sound Doctrine, Uganda.

Will you please support them with your prayers, and also consider supporting them financially?

With any of these, you can make a one time gift or give regularly.




If you have a question about missions, you can e-mail