Stone Creek Bible Church
Tuesday, April 20, 2021
A Christ-centered Fellowship
We are meeting in person, with precautions.  This Sunday we will hold two in person services, at 9:00 AM & 10:45 AM.  You may attend the 9:00 AM service live online, or watch it later, if you are still needing to stay home.  
For those who attend in person, we are still taking some precautions.  If you are going to attend in person, please be fully prepared to abide by the following; we do not want friction.
  • If you feel sick or have regular coughing or sneezing, please do not attend in person, whether you think it is coronavirus related or not.  If you know you have been exposed to someone with coronavirus, please do not attend in person until you have a confirmed negative test or been cleared by a doctorIf you have had coronavirus, please do not attend in person until you have been cleared by a doctor.
  • Everyone (except those under 2) must wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth in the main building and during service in the worship center.  If you do not have a mask, we will have some available on Sunday.  We will not have one for everyone, so if you have access to one, please wear your own.
  • The seating is more spread out (every other row is taken out), but not 6' apart.  The attendance is such that you can reserve a seat on either side of you, if you wish, or you can choose one of the seat pods that are still separate.
The following is what is happening with KidZone classes. 
2 years - Pre-Kindergarten, 1st service:  Parents, take your kid(s) directly to room 6 and sign them in.  The kids will worship through singing and learn in this room.  After service is over, you will pick up your kid(s) from room 6.  
Kindergarten - First grade, 1st service:  Parents, take your kid(s) directly to room 5 and sign them in.  After worship through singing together with another age group, they will learn in this room while you are in service.   After service is over, you will pick up your kid(s) from room 5.  
Second grade - Fourth grade, 1st service:  Parents, take your kid(s) directly to room 3 and sign them in.  The kids will worship through singing and learn in this room.  After service is over, you will pick up your kid(s) from room 3. 
Fifth and sixth graders, 1st service:  The kids will stay in the Worship Center for worship through singing.  Then, they will go to class in Mrs. Anne’s office (right outside the Worship Center) where they will self-sign in. 
Second grade and under, 2nd service:  Parents, take your kid(s) directly to room 7 and sign them in.  The kids will worship through singing in, take part together in a simple lesson, and play in this room.  After service is over, you will pick up your kid(s) from room 7.  
The kids will sit at tables, physically distanced, with masks on and participate in a kids lesson.
Parents, we encourage you to join your kid(s) for worship through singing whenever you want.  You can reserve seats for yourself in the worship center, then go sing with your kid(s) in their classroom, and return to the worship center for the sermon.
If you plan to attend online, the entire service will be live-streamed at 9:00 AM, and the video of service will stay on YouTube.  The YouTube link will change each week; so come back to this page each Sunday to click the link.  


Sunday, click here to join on YouTube


click here to open the weekly bulletin pdf


click here to open the sermon notes pdf


There is also a sermon note app for your smart device, where you can read and think about the pre-service questions, read the text of the Bible passage that is being preached, see the sermon note outline and take your own digital notes.  If you would like to use that, download the sermon note app as follows.  

In the app store search “Bible”  
- the app is named Bible by Life.Church  
- the picture is of a book with the words “Holy Bible” on the cover
After downloading it, on Sunday
- open the app
- click the menu (three stacked lines in the corner)
- click Events
- in the Search By Keywords box, type in 85023
- select Stone Creek Bible Church

We encourage you to use electronic options for giving.  You can also contact the church office about dropping off a check.
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