Stone Creek Bible Church
Tuesday, March 31, 2020
A Christ-centered Fellowship
We will hold one service this Sunday, at 9:00 AM, which you may attend in person or digitally.  This decision was not made lightly.  The elders met with a group of ministry leaders and we all felt led to the same decision.  We understand the reasons for the recommendations to not have meetings, and we wrestled with that.  But we are more concerned about people being too isolated in this time, and feel that people need options for fellowship, even if that fellowship involves physical distancing.  The first weekend we did this we got feedback that people really appreciated it.  People who met in person gave feedback that the fellowship was wonderful and really needed.  People who joined online gave feedback that they felt part of us and appreciated being able to join in from home.

At 9:00 AM, in the worship center, we will have worship through singing, remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice, and a sermon that should be particularly helpful to people in this season.
If you or anyone in your household feels sick at all, or if you have any sort of cough or sneezing, please do not attend in person.

For those who attend in person, we will be practicing physical distancing.  Seating will be very spread out.  We will also broadcast the service to the patio, if you prefer sitting outside.  We will also broadcast the service to Room 1, if you want to be with people but 10 or less.  If we reach 50 people in the worship center, the patio and Room 1 can be overflow.  Those living in the same household are welcome to sit right next to one another.  We will not have our normal handshakes and hugs during greeting time.  We will not have communion elements or hospitality beverages or food.  We will not have community Bibles available (bring one or you can use the sermon note app).  We will not be passing an offering basket.  People who attend in person can put donations in the offering box at the back of the worship center.  We also have electronic options for giving. 

There will be no KidZone, because it seems impossible to enforce physical distancing with kids.  Kids should stay with their parents in service.  We will have the service broadcast to the patio in case kids are restless.
If you plan to attend digitally, the entire service will be livestreamed at 9:00 AM (click here to join on YouTube).  After that, the sermon will be available on the Sermons page of our website.  It would be a good idea to download the sermon note app, as follows.  In the app store it is named "Bible" by Life.Church.  After downloading it, on Sunday, click the menu (three stacked lines in the lower right corner), click Events, in the Search By Keywords box type in 85023, and select Stone Creek Bible Church.

You've all been hearing the risk factors on the news and high risk groups.  Prayerfully consider what option is best for you and your family.  We have been preaching a lot about decision making recently.  Decisions are not easy.  In situations like this, each needs to make the decision that seems right to them.  Whatever anyone chooses regarding attending in person or staying home, let’s not shame one another for our choices.