Stone Creek Bible Church
Friday, June 21, 2024
A Christ-centered Fellowship

This Sunday we will hold two in person services, at 9:00 AM & 10:45 AM.  You may watch the 9:00 AM service live on YouTube.  One of the services, which have been recored, will be left on YouTube.  Watching on YouTube is intended for people who can not be with us in person, like illness, physical limitations, and traveling.  Please do not let watching on YouTube replace you being in fellowship with the church, unless you really can not attend.  If you are watching a recording of first service and it stops/disappears, just search for that date again on YouTube and one of the services will be there, so you can continue watching.  For in person services, we have headphones for assistance in hearing the service available to check out at the sound booth.

If you feel sick or have regular coughing or sneezing, please do not attend in personIf you have had coronavirus, please do not attend in person until ten days after your first symptoms or ten days after a positive test, or you have a negative test. 


On Sunday, click here to join service on YouTube

There is bar just above the videos that says Home, Videos, Live, etc.  At the far right of that bar you can arrow over until a magnifying glass appears, which is where you can search the channel.  You can type in a service date right there and it will go to the right video.
To change the volume, if you put your cursor near the lower left corner of the video window, a volume icon should appear, where you can control the volume of the video (in addition to the volume on your electronic device).  Sometimes, if you can't hear the service well, it's because the YouTube volume is down.


click here to open this Sunday's Sermon Notes pdf  (Sorry if this is not available; we are having technical difficulties)


click here to open this Sunday's Bulletin pdf  (Sorry if this is not available; we are having technical difficulties)


There is also a sermon note app for your smart device, where you can read and think about the pre-service questions, read the text of the Bible passage that is being preached, see the sermon note outline and take your own digital notes.  If you would like to use that, download the sermon note app as follows.  

In the app store search “Bible”  
- the app is named Bible by Life.Church  
- the picture is of a book with the words “Holy Bible” on the cover
After downloading it, on Sunday
- open the app
- click the menu (three stacked lines in the corner)
- click Events
- in the Search By Keywords box, type in 85023
- select Stone Creek Bible Church

We encourage you to use electronic options for giving.  You can also contact the church office about dropping off a check.
Recent sermons (on YouTube)
Date Action Title
October 22 Watch  Acts 2-5, 10-12 and 15, "Follow the Leader"
October 15 Watch  Isaiah 65 - 66; Revelation 19 - 22, "The “Shape” of Things to Come"
October 8 Watch  John 21:1-23, "Following Christ Into a Scary Future"
October 1 Watch  Matthew 14:22-33, "Following Christ in the Storm"
September 24 Watch  Luke 5:1-11, "Failing Forward"
September 17 Watch  Philippians 4:10-13, Learn To Be Content in Christ
September 10 Watch  Proverbs, "Help for Conflict in Marriage"
September 3 Watch  Proverbs, "Using Money Wisely"
 YouTube  --  To find additional sermons online.