Stone Creek Bible Church
Sunday, April 14, 2024
A Christ-centered Fellowship

P.A.C.E. Help

Click here to download a P.A.C.E. Help Sheet to help you spend your time together well with your P.A.C.E. partners.
The Help Sheet explains how to use it.  You don't have to strictly adhere to everything on the Help Sheet.  It is just meant to help you with your group.  Your group will take on it's own personality over time.  We would encourage you to always have the four basic elements that make of the P.A.C.E., and call each other back to those if you get away from them.  We may tend to shy away from the more challenging elements, like accountability, and end up "chatting."  But just remember why you are forming this group, it is to help push one another toward Christ, and each one of these elements is helpful in doing that.